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Steve Lyons

Facilities Manager

How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ?
My family and I very rarely attended a church service while I was growing up, and the only time I would usually attend a service was when I was visiting my grandparents. During my sophomore year in high school, I began attending a local Baptist church. After hearing the gospel message (and other teachings) over several months, after going through a long period of being convicted, and after gaining a true understanding of the message, I accepted Christ during my junior year in high school. After high school, I joined the military, and at some point during my adult life, I became someone who was just “riding the pews” and not trying to become a follower of Christ. It wasn’t until I began attending CDO Bible Church, and watching a DVD series during the Men’s Breakfast titled “Not a Fan,” that I realized I was not a true follower of Christ. Now, this is something I strive for every day (a work in progress).
How I came to CDO Bible Church
Amy and I did not attend church regularly after getting married. It wasn’t until late in 2011 that we both felt a need to find a church to attend and after an Internet search of local Baptist churches, we chose CDO Bible Church as the first church to visit. After our first visit, we never visited any other church; this was home.
What I do at CDO Bible Church
Facilities Manager; Deacon for the Emergency Services Ministry; Director of Video for the Music Ministry.
Why I do what I do?
I believe that serving Christ and His church is the most important, rewarding, and humbling thing I can do. It’s wonderful that all my previous work experiences are now being used to serve His kingdom.
At CDO Bible Church since:
On staff since:
Favorite verse:
Varies but currently Jeremiah 29:11-13
Married to:
Married Since:
Shawn, Jason & Melissa
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